The New generation of skyscrapers that will change the New York Skyline

by Diego Plaza - February 07, 2019
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The New generation of skyscrapers that will change the New York Skyline

New technologies applied to the construction industry are changing the New York skyline. Several of these megastructures, super luxurious and with innovative designs just finished and others still under construction, are the best evidence of the change that is operating in the Big Apple.
All these buildings that rise like fine candles to the sky, look towards Central Park in the center of Manhattanand are part of a new generation of skyscrapers. We are talking about the impressive 432 Park Avenue, One 57, 53W53, 111 West 57th ST and Central Park Tower condo residence.
These new works of modern architecture not only challenge height and take it to the limit, since they are very thin towers designed to withstand strong winds and seismic movements. All this has been possible with the application of new construction techniques and new technologies of modern engineering.

432 Park Ave

It is the first of these modern towers that was built in this area of Manhattan. Its design corresponds to the architect Rafael Viñoly. It has a length of 1395 feet and is considered the tallest residential tower in the Western Hemisphere.
The building is located between 56th and 57th streets and is one of the landmarks of the city because its construction is based on a mixture of the highest engineering technology together with the use of honest materials and a very versatile design, which has been reinvented completely the classic residence.
Among its main attractions is the spectacular view from its windows to the entire city of New York. Reclining from one of your seats in the windows, you can contemplate a beautiful sunset overlooking the Hudson River and the entire East River or also from Westchester County to Brooklyn and, of course, from Central Park to the Atlantic Ocean.
Its amenities and other interior features make this tower a dream residence, as it has a master bedroom suite with double bathrooms and dressing room, custom kitchen and dining room, central heating and air conditioning, fine oak floors, insulated glass windows and private elevator landing, among others.
In the common areas residents of 432 Park Avenue tower have an elegant private restaurant that is supervised by the famous Australian Michelin Chef Shaun Hergatt. And this is not all, physical, mental and emotional balance programs are also offered, directed by Jay Wright based on the central points strategy.
The services offered by the condominium are attended by a professional staff carefully trained to serve as it is done in the best 5 star hotels in the world.
These residences are ready to be occupied, and have had an excellent reception in the real estate market.

One 57

This monumental and modern tower is also located in the heart of Manhattan, right between the Plaza district and Central Park. In the area known as ‘Billionaires Rw”’, which shows the social, cultural and commercial progress.
Its design corresponds to the architect Christian de Portzamparc, who endeavored to deliver this magnificent work that has contributed to the decoration of the Manhattan skyline and is currently another of the city’s iconic skyscrapers.
One 57 is in addition to a residential condominium, the headquarters of one of the most emblematic hotels in New York, The Park Hyatt, which offers personalized luxury services to its international and national guests, honoring its five well-deserved stars.
This was recognized by the famous magazine US News and World Report, which designated Park Hyatt New York as the number 1 hotel in New York.
The residential section of One 57 extends from the 39th to the 90th floor, where units are available that offer a comfortable distribution composed of 3 to 5 bedrooms, with living – dining room and services. From floors 32 to 38 the apartments are fully furnished.
Like the other luxury condominiums that surround this tower, from its elegant windows you can see an unparalleled panoramic view of New York City, since it has views of Central Park and all of Midtown Manhattan. It is simply an experience that only the most fortunate can enjoy.


This tower that rises above the Museum of Modern Art (Moma), integrates and adds splendor to the New York skyline. It is also located in Midtown Manhattan with panoramic views of unique beauty, from where views the Central Park.
They are comfortable, elegant and bathed in light residences, designed by the prestigious architect Jean Nouvel. While its spacious and refined interior spaces are the work of the not less famous architect Thierry Despont to complement a true work of art.
The condominium residences 53W53 are designed with a futuristic vision of the elegant and majestic urban life of the 21st century. They are spacious and luxurious, with internal services aimed at satisfying the most demanding tastes.
For lovers of culture and the fine arts this is a dream home because they have everything once they step off the elevator: museum, concert hall, opera houses and hotel.
53W53 is served by a team of highly trained and qualified professionals to offer first-class care to its residents and make the privilege of living there be experienced every day.
The 53W53 units have double height living rooms and private dining rooms with views of Central Park. Its common areas have all kinds of amenities, which further enhance the life experience of those who have the fortune to integrate this group of privileged owners.
Some of these amenities are: ultra-modern gym run by The Wright Fit, wine room, library, private dining room overlooking Central Park, 65-foot training pool, squash court, golf simulator, lounge and wine cellar, game room for children and a luxurious restaurant with priority for residents.
Also, private storage warehouses for residents, bicycle storage, studio and accessory suites of one bedroom, large load laundry room. Also, residents have a driver, concierge and porter service, valet parking, private elevator, among other amenities. There are still some units available for sale.

111 West 57th ST

It is an impressive 438 m super skyscraper project built by the JDS Development Group and Property Markets Group. It is located in the Midtown Manhattan of New York, which takes the best of the golden era of the architectural design of the Big Apple with the most innovative contemporary design.
The svelte tower combines the old with the modern, mixing the art deco of the original Steinway building built in 1925 by the architects Warren & Wetmore, with a new tower design superimposed on an adjacent site, in which creativity, bold engineering and new construction technologies create an exceptional building.
It was designed with thought and reason in mind of why some buildings in the city were so appreciated and became symbols of the architectural heritage. Everything is summarized in three aspects or characteristics of them: shadows, depth and solidity.
The building was designed by Shop Architects and the interior spaces are the work of Studio Sofield. It will have 83 floors in total and will have recreation areas for its residents in the lower part of the tower, along with the lobby and luxurious commercial stores. At the top of the tower, there will be 77 floors arranged for residential units.
It will also feature a concert hall to pay homage and highlight the fact that the skyscraper is built above the Steinway Hall and a porticoed porch door to receive residents or visitors.

Central Park Tower

It is the tallest tower in Midtown Manhattan with 1,550 feet high (472 m), which increases by the height of its roof. Apart from its imposing, elegant and firm appearance and all the amenities it offers its residents, there is the presence of Nordstrom stores.
These megastore will occupy a space of 200,000 square feet. To the structure are added several floors of administrative offices and its luxurious 5-star hotel. The rest of the building from the 32nd floor will be occupied by more than 180 luxurious condo units.
Its views towards Central Park and all the most pleasing skyline of New York make this impressive and modern commercial and residential building, one of the most charming places to live in the capital of the world.
The design of the tower was entrusted to the architecture studio Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill, and it has also applied innovative construction techniques to make this formidable structure a true masterpiece of modern engineering, which combines all the comfort with elegance and a new vision of social life in New York.
In any of these formidable works of modern engineering and architecture, living is the consummation of success. Its grandeur, elegance and sumptuousness make New York’s new skyscrapers: 432 Park Avenue, One 57, 53W53, 111 West 57th ST and Central Park Tower, in dream places … they are true modern paradises.


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