Hudson Yards, the city within the City

by Diego Plaza - February 15, 2019
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Hudson Yards, the city within the City

It is the largest and most ambitious mega real estate project in the history of the United States, which mixes luxurious condominium residences and rentals with offices, shops, restaurants, ultra modern entertainment parks and other benefits, with a new urban lifestyle. It is built on the west side of Manhattan from where it is possible to see the most attractive face of New York bathed by the peaceful and majestic Hudson River.
The project master plan was developed by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates. Hudson Yards will consist of 16 skyscrapers that will be built on a total area of approximately 3,871,391 square feet. Of which 1 827 427 square feet will be allocated to offices, and another 229 658 square feet will house the commercial area that will have two floors of restaurants, markets, cafes and bars.
Additionally, the urban development will have more than 4,000 residences for the purchase and rental of units. A new space for art and pop culture is also being built, such as The Shed (known as Culture Shed or Hudson Yards Cultural Shed), which will become operational in April of this year. It will also have a public school for 750 students and 14 acres of open public space for the enjoyment of healthy urban life.

A city within the city

Hudson Yards is a city within the city in which you will not need to leave to lead a comfortable and sophisticated life, surrounded by luxuries for all tastes. The project includes more than 18,000 square feet of commercial and residential space, several office towers, more than 100 internationally renowned designer stores, including the city’s first Neiman Marcus and several restaurants run by chef Thomas Keller.
Hudson Yards is built from scratch by Related Companies and Oxford Properties and represents a true cultural, residential, commercial and gastronomic landmark. It is a new space to give warmth to city life in which it shows how far the wonders of technology and refined style can be perfectly combined with the sustainability criteria that are prevailing in the world.
In the development of the project a group of talented professionals are involved, in various areas whose futuristic vision is revealed in every corner of this monumental work of modern engineering. From planners, architects and engineers, to renowned designers and chefs, along with visionaries, business leaders, public servants and various prestigious brands, they have conceived this work that after its opening will become an icon of the city.
The City Planning Department of the City of New York and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), a joint venture that seeks to promote residential and commercial development along the Hudson River in the middle of Manhattan, are involved in the urban development plan. In this way, this residential and commercial district par excellence will be re-zoned, which will move the center of power from the East to the Far West Side.
The total cost of the project is estimated at around 20 billion dollars and will generate about 23,000 construction jobs. This luxurious neighborhood – city that offers breathtaking views, from its skyscrapers with high ceilings and personalized interiors, expects 65,000 visitors to arrive daily from 2025 when the project is completed.

History and location

Initially, the space where this mega-urban development is being built, located in the storage yard of John D. Caemmerer’s MTA on the West Side, was to be used for the construction of the New York Jets stadium, which would also serve as the headquarters for the 2012 Olympic Games.
However, as the city was not chosen, then the use of this space was reconsidered and on December 4 of that year the first of the 16 towers in the southeast part was built. The 895,669-foot tall building has already been completed and will be assigned to business offices.
Hudson Yard borders on the east with Seventh and Eighth Avenues and West 28th and 30th Streets; on the north it extends to 43 West Street and on the west with the Hudson River and Hudson River Park. The new platform on which this urban development rises comprises a wide area that goes from 10th Avenue to 12th and from 30th Street to 33rd Street.

Hospitality and health

Another wonder of service and hospitality will be Equinox Hotel, which will have 200 rooms and offer the greatest comfort to residents, family, employees or guests.
Equinox Hotel is not just another hotel, it is a center for rest, relaxation, health and wellbeing. It’s more than 200 rooms include 48 suites, an ultra-modern 60,000-square-foot gym and an exclusive club within the club, the ultra-elite E-Club.
The Equinox Fitness Club gym offers individualized comprehensive health programs for hotel guests and residents of Hudson Yards, with group exercise classes, personal training, private Pilates, an indoor saltwater pool, an outdoor pool and an immersion pool.
It also has a Spa that offers a world-class service in which mental and physical health is reconfigured, with an outdoor terrace of 8500 ft2 and a restaurant conceptualized by Stephen Starr with design by David Childs and interiors by Joyce Wang and David Rockwell.
The exercise programs are directed by professional instructors who inspire in the midst of an environment full of energy and much rock Soul Cycle, under the seal of SoulCycle that has reinvented indoor cycling and repowering the body and soul of residents and visitors.

A new construction technology

Hudson Yards is built on an area of 28 acres below which there is a railway yard with 30 active roads and several railway tunnels, in an impressive display of technological development and optimal use of space.
The platforms and buildings are supported on 300 boxes that measure between 4 and 5 feet in diameter which are planted at a depth of 20 to 80 feet in the bedrock to give them greater strength and stability.
So that the supports of the finished buildings start right from the foundations of the drawers on which the platforms rest and rise over the New York skyline. The two platforms were built using the most modern civil engineering construction techniques combined with new technologies.
In the eastern part of the platform about 25 thousand tons of steel will be used, along with 14 thousand cubic yards of concrete. During the excavation and construction of the platforms since 2014, the trains continued to operate. In 2015 the extension of subway line 7 in Hudson Yards was opened.

Public squares and gardens

Hudson Yards will allow the creation of new parks and open public spaces throughout the western Manhattan area. At the heart of the urban development, ample spaces are created for the recreation of all its residents, guests or hotel guests.
The public square and gardens of Hudson Yards is one of them. Its design corresponds to Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects. In it will be exhibited native horticultural species, with colored gardens for the practice of leisure, full of life and light, and vast areas for rest in the shade.
This square is another marvel of engineering and new technologies, because it will not resemble any other in New York and can be enjoyed throughout the year, regardless of the season. That is why it is considered the most intelligent park ever built.

The Shed

This refuge for the creation and exhibition of art will be opened in the first semester of 2019. The Shed is conceived for the production and presentation of visual and scenic arts of all kinds, as well as artistic expressions of popular culture.
Its purpose is to encourage experimentation and innovation and it will gather all the artists of the world who want to express their thoughts and creativity there. All the genres of plastic arts, music and literature will have a place in this space, from hip hop to jazz or classical music.
The Shed is located in the vicinity of Tower 15 Hudson Yards bordering the public square and gardens. Its design is a masterpiece, consisting of an outer cover with telescopic design that extends over the plaza next to the building that measures 120 feet in height and has a controlled temperature.
Depending on the configuration, because it expands or contracts as needed, The Shed offers multiple options for holding indoor or outdoor events in the 17,000 square foot plaza.

Snark Park

It is a unique exhibition space to discover multiple materials, shapes, textures and colors of immersive art, which will also be open this year. Snark Park is a design ecosystem whose objects have been elaborated Snarkitecture and other collaborating brands from around the world.

Views from the Platform

From the highest observation platform in New York, the visitor will have a unique view of the iconic skyline of the city and the entire shore of the Hudson River, from where sunrises or sunsets of singular beauty can be contemplated.
This balcony that is considered the highest in the Western Hemisphere, extends 65 feet in a straight line when leaving the building is a place to breathe freedom and success. A space for contemplation and inspiration.
As you move towards the glass floor, you can admire the amazing view of the neighborhood that is 1,000 feet below you, or perhaps lean against the glass wall that borders the platform to take a selfie overlooking the iconic skyline of the city.
After this unparalleled experience, you can go up a bit more and eat at the restaurant on the 101st floor or enjoy a drink at the bar while watching the glittering city that rises around you.
These are just some of the wonders that the Hudson Yards residential-commercial complex will exhibit when completed. It will be another reason to buy a property in New York or at least visit again the Big Apple that impresses us every day with each new skyscraper that rises to beautify its landscape.


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