Central Park Tower: The tallest skyscraper in America

by Diego Plaza - February 01, 2019
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Central Park Tower: The tallest skyscraper in America

The construction of this spectacular real estate project that will have a mixed use, began in 2014. Central Park Tower is, without doubt, the most revolutionary and avant-garde architectural work that is built in New York. For something it is called the largest futuristic Tower in the world.
It is a building of singular beauty that measures 1,550 feet high (472 m), which will make it the second tallest skyscraper in the United States; but if we add the height of the roof, its total length will surpass the Chicago Willis Tower which measures 442 m.
It will then be the highest commercial-residential structure in the country with a total of 95 habitable floors. The building that is also known by the names of Nordstrom Tower and 225 West 57th Street, will have a residential section and a commercial one.
Central Park Tower is being built by Extell Development Company and the Shanghai Municipal Investment Group in Midtown Manhattan, New York, United States. Its design is the work of the architect Adrian Smith and the Gordon Gill Architecture company.
One of its peculiarities is that the first seven floors of the tower will have the first Nordstrom department store in New York.. On the following floors, starting at number eight to number twelve will be dedicated to entertainment spaces for its residents.
After the 32nd floor there will be 180 luxurious apartments, 20 of which will have a value close to 60 million dollars. This mega structure will be a combination of elegance, comfort and status for future owners and residents.

Central Park Tower will have a great impact on the New York skyline, since it is located in the heart of Manhattan, in the most exclusive area for billionaires of the Big Apple. From its windows it will be possible to enjoy the most spectacular view of New York.
It is not just an elegant, majestic and futuristic real estate project, it will be the next tourist attraction for visitors to the capital of the world, which may include within its travel itinerary a walk around the tallest skyscraper in America.
In addition, right next to Central Park Tower is another mega residential building, 220 Central Park South, which rises across the street from 225 West 57th Street, forming a set of regal modern skyscrapers.
It is expected that the structure of the tower as such will be completed in 2019 and the completion of the project with all its finishes would be for next year. As of January of this year, the tower will be raised to reach 400 m (1315 ft) and will continue to rise while the coverings are being placed.
Central Park Tower will represent a milestone in the history of real estate and the construction industry in the United States. There will be a before and after for New York. after this magnificent work of concrete, steel and fine glassware is inaugurated.
Having the fortune to buy a condo in Central Park Tower is an act of accomplishment and success that few have the fortune to achieve. But at the same time this expression of achievement, of singular architectural majesty, is a source of inspiration for those whose dreams and challenges have no limits.
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